Land Surveying &
Setting Out Software
for Pocket PCs

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Updated 15 March 2010


This is practical & user friendly software. It is  menu based, making it easy to use, with robust error checking. It was developed with fieldwork in mind, screens are as clear as possible featuring large “finger pressable” buttons.


RMS Level Logger

An intuitive levelling program, featuring error checking, continuous computation,  and checks against known points in a control file. View your data in a spreadsheet style grid.

As with the Site Engineer software, you have a digital record of your observations


RMS Site Engineer

Makes setting out a pain free process. Enter coordinates  into a database then set up on any control point, reference another & set out points selectable from a drop down list or zoomable drawing.

It has a manual option which may be used with any instrument. At the moment interactive operation is limited to Leica instruments, but others will follow.


Observations are logged as points are set out, providing an invaluable record. These may be viewed showing discrepancies or a separate independent check survey carried out afterwards.


Getting the initial setting out right can save so much time, money & embarrassment later on.






RMS Site Engineer running on a Panasonic CF-P1


RMS Detail Logger

A low cost survey system for Leica instrument users.

                                             Take a look at the Tutorial

RMS Level Logger


Compute as you go - view values at any time.

Closure check - you know immediately if there is an error.

View differences between named points to pin down where the error is.

Integrated Error checking - no ridiculous readings

Standardises field methods.

Transfer data to the office PC for back up & further processing.

Bring your levelling into the digital age.

Very low cost  £45 - ask about site licenses.


RMS Site Engineer


Minimises errors on site.

Speeds up setting out.

Records points as they are set out - discrepancies are clearly displayed.

Points may be selected from a list or drawing.

Use the drawing to get check distances between points.

Transfer data to the office PC for back up.

Very low cost (£45) - ask about site licenses




Pocket PC 2002/2003/2003SE/WM5/WM6


Suggestions Please!

What would make this software more interesting to you?

Any ideas for new software?

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Since Microsoft moved away from the Windows Mobile/WinCE operating systems this software is no longer being updated. It would need to be rewritten to work under  Windows Phone 7 which I have decided is impractical.


I shall of course continue to  support all existing users.