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RMS Level Logger for Pocket PC

Why would you want it?

Levelling is seen as one of the most basic skills of the Land Surveyor or Civil Engineer. Digital levels are becoming more common, but most levelling is carried out with the humble optical level. The traditional field book has stood the test of time. Whilst detail surveys are carried out by ever more sophisticated equipment, the humble optical level has continued more or less unchanged. It’s very simplicity makes it a success.


There are drawbacks however:

The calculations involved are trivial, but in anything but very small quantities they become tedious to say the least. As concentration slips, mistakes are made.


If computing levels can be tedious, then checking someone else’s is even more so. There is no fully effective checking method to pick up a mistake in computing intermediate sights.


The observations are safe and sound in the field book, but how can this data be backed up and stored for future reference? Photocopying helps, but is obviously not the real answer, we all know that our own booking is perfectly legible, but other people may not agree!


An Alternative

RMS Software has developed a system to update this process whilst retaining much of its simplicity.


The RMS Level Logging software runs on a variety of Pocket PCs. Checks are carried out on the observations as they are entered, and basic calculations can be done swiftly and accurately in the field. View your observations as you go, with live checks against points found in the control file.


On completion, save the data either as a formatted field book text file or a comma delimited file then copy across to your PC for printing, or further processing in a spreadsheet or other software.


Level Logging on a Panasonic Toughbook


Setting up Profiles?

Use the Level Logger's option to mark a point at a specific level.


Enter the required level & the software tells you what staff reading you need.

The collimation level is displayed so you can swiftly see if your set up is suitable.