Land Surveying &
Setting Out Software
for Pocket PCs

If you use a Leica Survey Instrument then take a look at this:


Developed over many years (originally for the Psion Organiser II) the RMS Datalogger software takes advantage of the more sophisticated Pocket PC.


Error checking is fundamental to the design. The user is led through a series of screens which can only be exited after essential data is entered - no forgetting to enter an instrument height for example. If a measurement is taken to a survey station already in the control file, the misclosure is displayed.


Where a feature requires dimensions, you are prompted for them. There are user configurable limits on dimensions, target heights & instrument heights. If you accidentally enter a manhole width of 100 metres, this will be queried!


To speed up logging, where many of the same type of feature are being surveyed (e.g. Spot levels), a “Single Click” measurement option is available.


Where a new feature connects to the last feature surveyed (e.g. a gate to a fence), a Repeat button automatically records the same angle & distance data in the new record without actually taking a new reading.

Just enter the feature code information.



The RMS Data Logger


The software is very easy to use.


Other Pocket PC data loggers  seem determined to cram as much as possible onto each screen. The RMS DataLogger takes a different path.


A Pocket PC screen  is not always easy to see in bright daylight so the software has large on screen buttons.

Only relevant data is displayed.

Options which are used only occasionally are accessed from menus.

Easy to Use


Office Computations

The office software supplied with the RMS Pocket PC Survey Datalogger software has been developed under Windows XP & is being used in Windows Vista. It should also work under Windows 98 & ME, though testing has been limited.

Observations are computed then converted to a DXF file for import into Autocad, Microstation or other CAD package.


(The included “Lite” version is restricted to producing 2D DXF files)

Download the Free 30 day Trial & try it for yourself

Download the trial version of the Datalogger - included with the RMS Level Logger & Site Engineer. PC Software for use with the Data Logger is also available on the downloads page.


Contact me Bob Slack:  RMSSoftware@rms-soft.co.uk

if you have any queries.