Land Surveying &
Setting Out Software
for Pocket PCs

Download the appropriate version for your Pocket PC

(Updated 15 March 2010)


Surmenu for Pocket PC 2002


Surmenu for Pocket PC 2003/SE


Surmenu for Windows Mobile 5


Surmenu for Windows Mobile 6 (Test Version)


Left-click the appropriate button and choose to save to disk.


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All 3 modules are fully functional for 30 days.

Windows Mobile 6


Testing has been limited, but all appears to work well. My thanks to Ken Mounsey for his help on this.

I want to hear from You!


If you’ve tried the software let me know what you think.


If you have had problems with the installation, or during use, I need to know about it.


Please contact me,

Bob Slack:



Download the latest Surmenu PC Software for use with the Detail Logger:




Requires Windows 98, ME, XP, or Vista.

(Updated 15 March 2010)

(I suggest you also download the RMS PC Software Tutorial)


(Left-click on the link & choose to save to disk)