Land Surveying &
Setting Out Software
for Pocket PCs

Introducing the Setting Out Module


When you need to set out a number of coordinated points this software makes it very straightforward. Rather than simply computing bearing and distance measurements, it provides a flexible setting out system, together with a clear user interface.


Using coordinates entered on the Pocket PC (PPC), set up on any of the control points & the software guides you through. If there is an obstacle, then throw in a "quick station". If you need to set out an extra point on the line between two points in your list, simply select those points and a distance from the first of them.


Selecting points is easy: either from a drop down list, or pick on a zoomable drawing.


In the Data Editor coordinates can be tapped in via a large keypad. This is much easier than entering data with the keyboard built into the Pocket PC - using a finger is quite practical.


Currently there is an interface for Leica instruments - others may follow if there is sufficient interest. If you have a motorized Instrument it will turn automatically towards the selected point.

RMS Site Engineer for Pocket PC

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Various updates November 2009, a number of outstanding bugs eradicated.


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